The NBT System is not cleared by the FDA for commercial use in Chronic Pain in the USA, for investigational use only.

Strategic focus on large therapy indications with unmet need

Nexstim is focused on maximising the potential of SmartFocus® TMS in therapy.

Emphasis on sales growth and clinical data generation

Nexstim is focused on validating and commercialising its personalised SmartFocus® TMS brain stimulation technology in large therapeutic indications with sub-optimal treatment options, namely depression and chronic pain.

We are investing in commercial sales, marketing and clinical resources and continue to raise funding accordingly. Our aim is to build sales in the US and large EU markets in currently approved indications, as well as to generate clinical data to obtain regulatory approvals for new important, large markets. We also recognise that there is a significant untapped market opportunity in Asia and continue to evaluate opportunities in this area on an ongoing basis.

Nexstim’s Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT®) system is FDA cleared for the treatment of depression and commercialisation efforts are now underway in the US.

The NBT® system is CE marked for depression and chronic pain; focus remains on the largest EU markets where the product has been launched.

Nexstim also aims to fulfil the commercial potential of the SmartFocus® TMS technology in presurgical mapping through the Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) system.

We remain predominantly focused on the potential of our differentiated technology in therapy (NBT®), as this represents a larger market opportunity, with a better model for sales growth in terms of consumables.