2012 saw record number of clinical articles on use of the NBS System for presurgical brain mapping

HELSINKI, Finland – Jan. 17, 2013 -- With 14 peer-reviewed clinical papers first published, 2012 saw growing acceptance of navigated TMS as the new standard for preoperative cortical mapping for patients with brain tumors or other brain diseases. Clinical researchers in the United States, Germany, Spain, Finland and Italy added to the large body of evidence from neurosurgical centres demonstrating the clinical utility of non-invasive preoperative navigated brain stimulation (NBS) for motor and speech mapping. In all the papers, NBS has been shown to be accurate and reliable, and, when compared to fMRI, has been shown to be more accurate, more reliable and better tolerated.

Most recently, the Journal of the Neurological Sciences published a paper by Mangraviti A et al. (Milan, Italy) entitled: Practical assessment of preoperative functional mapping techniques: navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and functional magnetic resonance imaging. In the paper, the authors concluded that the NBS System "was found to be a useful, reliable, and non-invasive option for preoperative planning as well as for the identification of the motor strip; in addition, it usually has short processing times and is very well tolerated by patients, thereby increasing their compliance and possibly improving surgical outcome." The abstract can be read here.