Discovery Channel to feature NBS on January 17th in the USA

HELSINKI, Finland – Jan. 15, 2013 -- Nexstim is pleased to announce that the Discovery Channel has selected the NBS System and NexSpeech as featured technology for their 'Health Heroes' documentary series in the USA. The special episode will focus on the revolutionary advances being made in neuroscience, with viewers being taken on an in-depth tour of Nexstim's technology.

The episode will air on Thursday, January 17th at 7:00am, both at 7:00am EST and 7:00am PST. As part of the documentary series, there will also be a PSA (Public Service Announcement) on advances in neuroscience and the featured technology via their 'Health Heroes: Medical Minute'. This PSA will air on CNN and the Discovery Channel throughout the week of January 28th.

"Nexstim's NBS System is one of the most advanced pieces of medical equipment that I've seen to date", said Barbara Perry, producer for Health Heroes. "Viewers are going to be particularly amazed by NexSpeech, which allows for an unmatched level of speech mapping in patients", she added.

Despite an unprecedented amount of research, the brain remains the most mysterious of all human organs. 'Health Heroes' takes viewers behind the scenes of our organization which is working to solve these mysteries. Discovery Channel audiences will learn about the only FDA-cleared navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) for pre-surgical brain mapping, and just how much of an impact that the integration of technology used in this system is making in the medical community. Future audiences may include WebMD, CNN, MSNBC, TLC, Voice of America and others.

About 'Health Heroes' 'Health Heroes' is a powerful documentary program dedicated to defining and exploring today´s latest medical advances in all areas of health and wellness. Written with both the industry professional and television audiences in mind, 'Health Heroes' educates, entertains and enlightens the lives of our viewers. The Health Heroes: Exploring Neuroscience series will explore and help to unlock the secrets of the human brain, from brain mapping to cutting edge surgical procedures. One episode will include the advancements and contributions Nexstim has made to the neuroscience community.