International Neuromodulation Society Expert Panel discusses rTMS for neuropathic pain (members only)

HELSINKI, Finland – Oct. 7, 2013 -- The Society´s October 2013 Expert Panel is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 8 through Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013, on repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for neuropathic pain with Prof. Turo Nurmikko, MD, PhD, professor in Pain Relief, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, and director of the Pain Research Institute.

Prof. Nurmikko leads several research projects involving the peripheral and central mechanisms of chronic and experimental pain. This research involves the use of a variety of techniques such as functional and structural brain imaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, quantitative sensory testing and electrophysiology. He is currently a lead investigator of a number of studies involving the role of transcranial magnetic and transcranial direct current stimulation of the brain in chronic pain. Prof. Nurmikko has a Nexstim NBS System and has lectured widely on the use of navigated brain stimulation for pain therapy. Members can sign-up to participate at: