Journal Neurosurgery publishes landmark paper showing utility of language mapping using NBS System and NexSpeech

HELSINKI, Finland – Feb. 11, 2013 -- Nexstim is pleased to announce the pre-print publication of the article, A Comparison of Language Mapping by Preoperative Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Direct Cortical Stimulation During Awake Surgery. The data collected in these studies formed the basis of Nexstim´s successful application to the US FDA for marketing clearance for the NexSpeech module of NBS in 2012.

Picht and Krieg et al. reported that language mapping using the rTMS (repetitive transcranial stimulation) feature of NexSpeech could be completed in all patients and the method was well tolerated with no adverse events.

In their conclusion, the authors considered that speech mapping with NexSpeech was highly reliable in obtaining negative response maps within motor speech-related areas of the cortex. In practice, negative responses can be used to identify cortical regions where DCS responses are unlikely to be obtained, enabling the surgical team to custom-tailor the location and size of the craniotomy as well as the resection trajectory. Additionally, participating in the language mapping was found to positively impact the patients´ performance and compliance during intraoperative speech mapping.