Presentations on the NBS System at the DGNC can now be viewed on the German society´s website

HELSINKI, Finland – June 18, 2013 -- The annual meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) is the preeminent meeting for Neurosurgeons in German-speaking countries. The 64th Annual Meeting was held in May, 2013.This year´s event witnessed a significant contribution from neurosurgeons in Germany using the NBS System in their clinical work. Neurosurgeons from university hospitals in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Bochum gave 13 presentations on the use of the NBS System in neurosurgery. The following eight presentations on NBS can now be viewed on the official DGNC website:

  • Inter- & intraobserver variability of language mapping by nTMS
  • Navigated transcranial magnetic brain stimulation: should the premotor cortex be stimulated for the mapping of the hand motor cortex?
  • Long-term follow-up of cortical language sites by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation compared to repeated awake craniotomy
  • Comparison of nTMS with functional MRI of healthy subjects and patients with tumors in the language cortex
  • Optimized preoperative mapping of language regions by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation: a multicentric comparison study in awake surgery
  • Integration of navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) information into radiosurgical treatment planning
  • Language shift to the right hemisphere in patients with language eloquent lesions of the dominant left hemisphere
  • The extent of perifocal edema in navigated TMS tracked motor fibers correlates to the primary motor deficit in patients with M1-adjacent intracerebral tumors